Single Vineyard Sellers Comparative Tasting

Single Vineyard Sellers hosted an excellent comparative tasting yesterday at Iceworks in Paddington. There was an incredible array of wines from local and overseas producers, and being able to meet some of the winemakers was an added bonus.

Like all good tastings we kicked off with some Champagne, this time from the house of Jacquart. I can recommend both the NV Brut Mosaique and the Brut de Nominee. I was then given a personal tour of the Paddy Borthwick wines by Paddy himself. I particularly liked the Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. Following on from our recent visit to New Zealand I had a good look at the wine from The Crater Rim. The Gibbston Valley Pinot Gris and the Waipara Lot Seven Pinot Noir stood out for me.

I found the two master classes particularly interesting and an opportunity to gain some in depth knowledge about some of the wines.

Antonio Morescalchi from Altos Las Hormigas talked about their winery in the Mendoza region of Argentina.

I was particularly interested in the Argentinian wines, having recently sponsored the very successful Australian team to the World Gliding Championships in Argentina, in association with TMS Consulting and JSR Soaring. Antonia and his partners aim to make world class Malbec wines. The wines were excellent and it was good to try something different from the usual Australian varieties.

The second master class was presented by Lizzie Walker and featured Sauvignon Blanc from France and Italy and was titled “Wogs vs. Frogs”. It is always good to taste Sauvignon Blanc that doesn’t come off the Marlborough production line. Both sets of wines were more structured and complex than Marlborough Sav Blanc, but with less fruit flavour. Needless to say they cost a little more than the New Zealand Sav Blancs.