Robert Mondavi Winery Napa Valley

Robert Mondavi is one of Napa Valley's more famous winemakers. He would have been 100 last month in June 2013. He is renowned for promoting the Napa Valley and its wines and for pushing for wines to be labeled by variety rather than by region, as happens in Europe. Labeling by variety is now common place for new world wines.



The Robert Mondavi Winery is on the main highway through the Napa Valley and is immediately recognizable by the arched entrance way which appears on the label of many of the wines.







There are a range of tours and tastings available, all hosted by knowledgeable guides. The vines grow right up to the winery so it is easy to take a tour that takes you through the vineyard and the winery.






The Signature tour ended with a seated tasting.  There are also tastings only. There is a large shop with an enormous range of merchandise, something for everyone.


There is a strong connection here between wine and art thanks to Roberts second wife Margarit.  This is a very professional operation and the staff here clearly love being a part of it.




The Barrel Room at the winery is an impressive site and due to abundant years in 2012/13 they are running out of room!